Ozwars: The Wizard of Oz
& Star Wars

A look at archetypes and images

Hidden Meaning and personality typing

When I was a kid, The Wizard of Oz was the only movie that was shown on TV once a year (other than Christmas flicks).

Understand: this was before the advent of Netflix, blu-ray, dvd, internet, VCR, HBO or even cable TV.

You did not have the option of watching any movie any time.

In most towns, there was a single screen playing a new release. Unless it was smash hit, in which case it might be "Held over! Second big week!".

You watched that movie or whatever the movie-of-the-week was on the three televison channels that existed. 

Seeing movies was special and there were more new releases than there were slots to show them on TV, So why was Wizard of Oz the one film that was shown year-after-year, every year?

Could it be that the timeless appeal of this film goes beyond the fantastic visuals and catchy songs? What if the Wizard of Oz is also resonating on a subconscious/ emotional / right-brain level?

In the story, there are four characters on a quest. A tin Woodsman, a cowardly Lion, a scarecrow and a young girl. Each longs for something different, a heart, the nerve, a brain, a home.

The eternal popularity of Wizard of OZ...Could it be that part of the appeal is that the four questers represent the four quests? 


What are the four quests, and who are the four types?

In the Wizard of Oz, there are four central characters on the quest, and while they are on the same path and headed to the same destination, they have different desires.

Think of the song, "If I only had a brain... a heart... a home... the nerve"

If you look at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you see four major types, and what motivates them.

NT- the scientist- wants mastery and competence-(brains)

SJ- the guardian- wants duty, stability, and order-(home)

SP- the champion- wants adventure, freedom, and action-(nerve)

NF- the idealist- wants meaning, awareness & connection-(heart)

What is the meaning of this?

Life is complex. most of us have all of our material needs met, yet most of us are still unsatisfied.

Perhaps we should try to understand how things work, in order to work things better.

In life, we get confusing and conflicting information. If we grow up in an environment that is toxic enough, we can do things wrong for our entire life, and think the problem is external.

To find the best way to live, we can look at the science, religion, philosophy, and psychology throughout the ages and see if we can find some universal truth. Story is one way that we get these truths indirectly, on a subcoscious level. We can apply this knowledge and improve life for ourselves.

The brain has two sides which work differently

The reason we use myth and story is because the brain has two hemispheres and each side does something different. There is an old saying that: "A picture is worth a thousand words". When we hear the story of "The boy who cried wolf", we get more than we would from someone saying "Don't lie"; because the story is also about faith in others; putting a kid in before he is ready, and other important lessons for all. 

This is why Jesus taught by Parable. Story and symbol resonate with us on a deeper level than cold facts.  

If you have ever tried dream interpretation, you know what I mean. The conscious, left-brain uses words to rationalize and justify and explain, often erroneously.

Experiments have shown that people make rational-sounding explanations for their behaviors. Ones which they believe, but which we know to be wrong.

In our current climate, or paradigm, we have focused too much on the left-brain way of looking at the world. Even in religion, we talk about the literal interpretation of the bible, when it wasn't intended to be limited like that.

We dismiss the power of the mind by saying "It is only the placebo effect", We dismiss the meaningful connections by saying "It is just a coincidence". We ignore the hidden truth in our subconscious by saying "It was only a dream".

This is imbalance, using half of your brain. If you want to get at the hidden truth and therefore, the whole truth, you need to look into the right brain, and to do that, you have to learn the language... You already know the language, mostly. With Myth and story you can access the way the mind works.

I talk about personality type here, and I understand that for certain types this sort of talk sounds like gobbledy-gook, while for others, it is a little slice of heaven. If you don't get it or don't like it, don't feel bad. It's not for everybody. 

If it is for you, you mat feel like Neo in the Matrix: the hidden world that you always suspected was there will come alive for you!

Symbol of the quests in Playing cards

In a deck of cards you have four suits Diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts

Each suit has a correlation in the tarot, of course,

Diamonds are pentacles, Spades are swords, clubs are rods, and hearts are cups.

The sword (spade) is a warriors tool, masculine energy, Yang energy, weilded by a knight or champion, like Sir Lancelot, it can symbolize the nerve (like the lion wanted).

The cups (hearts) symbolize love, compassion, nurturance, meaning, purpose, an understanding of self and the world. they also symoblize Yin, the feminine. Gueniverre in Camelot, and in the Wizard of oz, the tin man's longing for a heart. It is not just emotional and love. It has long been considered the source of being, the seat of the soul, the core of existence. (the brain has taken that role only recently, but in popular music the heart (mi corazon) retains the power of love in our collective awareness.

The wands, or rods, (clubs) are not magic wands, despite what most people reading Tarot may say. The rod or wand is the fascii, the sceptre, the symbol of rule, it is the sign of the king. It symbolizes stability, the rule of law, order, even material posessions such as monetary wealth (which is why people confuse it with Diamonds/pentacles). It is the symbol of the King and the Kingdom, King Arthur and Camelot, Dorothy and her home... her clear sense of right and wrong and justice and fairplay.  

The pentacle, like the pentagram is a magical symbol used in transformation. It is used by a magician, like Merlin, a master, an NT, a Brain, Like the scarecrow.

The point of all of this

The point of all of this is in understanding ourselves and our motivation. We know that there are four types motivated by four different temperaments and longings. Look deeper and you will see that each of us has all four aspects, but for each type one aspect motivates more than the others. The Champion has a home and a sense of duty and a sense of purpose, but what drives him is getting into the fray, getting his hands dirty, taking physical action.

Consider it a gift, an imbalance, or just the way it is. Here is guy who is not much interested in navel-gazing or philosophy. He is down-to-earth, git-r-done, hands on the wheel in action.

If you are this type, you will not probably not flourish as a professor of psychology, but you would be a great pilot, or cabinet maker, or athlete.

The sensitivity of the types is illustrated in Oz by the scarecrow, we can see right away that he is very intelligent. He knows how to get down off the post, he just can't reach behind him. He knows how to get the tree to give up the apples and he formulates thie plan for getting in to the castle. He is Smart already, but he longs for a brain. This is a good analogy for how we are with our Diamons, or driving energies. The NT has abundant mastery, usually he is the most knowldegable guy in the room; but he is alawys questing after more knowledge, more mastery, more things to be good at.

In terms of balance, he could probably use more of the other aspects, stability, meaning, action, but those things mean little to him, they do not inspire and inflame him.

Speaking of flames, let's briefly talk about the elements and humours:

The Greeks don't want no freaks

The ancient Greeks had personality theory. They observed human behaviour and based on their observations, they divided people in terms of four personalty types.

NT- Scientists are correlated to the greek Phlegmatic- calm and unemotional- Think of Jaymie Hyneman on Mythbusters- but that actually applies better to the SJ Guardian, Down to earth, salt of the earth, earthy,- the associated element is water, but I feel it should be wind. Powerful, unseen, guiding while hidden.

SP- Champions would align with the Greek Sanguine, "courageous, hopeful, Amorous", sounds a lot like Lancelot to me!  The associated element is air, but I think it should be fire

NF- Idealists are associated with Choleric- fire- angry irritable- they should be Melancholic-feeling the pain of the world-  and water (cups) flowing mutable accepting

SJ- Guardians should be associated with Phlegmatic, practical, administrators- and Earth (as in salt of the earth

Four Symbols cross-referenced

So, let's look at these guiding forces of human behavior and temperament and their symbolic representations.

SJ- Dorothy- King Arthur- Leia- Hearth, Home, Stability, Rule of law, order- Backbone- Earth- "Rule" in all senses of the word- sceptre-rods-wands-clubs- the KING- Physical energy- the real, tangible, physical- King in chess and in a deck of cards.

NT- Scarecrow- Merlin- - Kenobi and Oz, and Glinda, and wicked- Magic, transformation, mastery, -brains- Wind- Pentacles-diamonds- The Magician- the wizard- the master- face card of the Ace in a deck of cards- Bishop in chess- highest and lowest, holy fool, Alpha and Omega- spiritual energy-

NF- Tinman- Guenniverre- C3PO, Leia (again) Feminine, moon, love, surrender, compassion- Heart- Water- Cups, Grail, Chalice, Female, Yin Energy, Anima- Queen in a deck of cards and in chess.

SP- Lion- Lancelot- Solo, more- Knight- Champion, craftsman, artisan, Freedom, Sword, Spades, Fire, male energy, Yang energy, Animus- The Jack in a deck of cards, the Knight in Chess.

Knight- fire- warrior- SP- Yang- Male energy- Animus- swords- spades- Guts/balls

Queen- Water- lover- NF- Yin- Female- Anima- Cups- Hearts - Heart/womb

Wizard- Wind- Magician- NT-  transformative- Pentacles- Diamonds- Mind/spirit

King- Earth- Ruler- SJ-         - Sceptre, Fascii, wands, rods, staff, clubs- Body/spine