Ozwars: The Wizard of Oz
& Star Wars

A look at archetypes and images

WTF- What The Flying monkey? Strange stuff:

Okay, here's The Wicked Witch of the West with KISS ... and Paul Lynde.

No, you're not on Acid. this is what the 70's were really like a lot of the time!

Chewie gets shafted

Ahhhh, the medal scene; where the heroes get the acclaim they deserve for heroism

 but wait... something seems to be amiss... Where is Chewbacca's medal?

I actually never noticed this myself. I discovered it in gathering pictures for this site.

There is a satirical article on the web, that says Chewie was a victim of racism:

Even here, there is no love for the robots either.

Wicked? Who you callin' wicked, witch?

Cracked.com is one of the best websites in existence is full of fantastic and fun articles, including this one: Famous movie villains who were right all along.

 an excerpt: "Next, the teenager waltzes out and corpse-loots the victims shoes (some sort of creepy kill-trophy, no doubt) which under every inheritance law in the universe damn well belong to the deceased's family." 


Here is another, more recent article expanding on the idea above: 5 reasons the greatest movie villain ever is a "good" witch.

I love this Mucha style!


Who's that girl?


Gale Sondegard was deemed too pretty to play the witch in 1939

Mila Kunis, however, was deemed scary enough to play the witch in 2013... WTFlying monkey?


They're going to need some serious makeup. (Note- I saw the movie since writing this, now I get it)